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Z tymi co się znają sezon I

       Climate talks by Marcin Prokop 

Conversations in unique climate, extraordinary interiors, no flashy effects. The main characters of the new program are, among others, Przemek Kossakowski, Sylwester Wardęga, Mirosław Hermaszewski and Tomasz Bagiński. Watch the making of the first episodes of “Z tymi co się znają” (Eng. “With those in the know”). It will premiere on 28th September on the YT channel of Browar Namysłów TV.

Who of us does not like long evening conversations in good company and relaxed atmosphere? Sit back, take a deep breath and meet interesting personalities – this is how Marcin Prokop's new talk show can be described in a nutshell.It is distinguished by its unique atmosphere, aura of history, discovering secrets and detachment from the daily run and the hustle and bustle of the city. The episodes are recorded in the Namysłów Brewery, whose unique architecture and interiors once visited by kings create an exquisite atmosphere and scenery for conversations. A medieval castle is located on the premises of the brewery. Thanks to that you can immerse yourself in the conversation just like in a good film screening.