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Polish Pavilion Expo 2020

We already know who will build the Polish Pavilion at EXPO 2020 Dubai!
The construction of the Polish Pavilion at EXPO 2020 Dubai is to start soon. Creation of this showcase of our country was given over to Grupa MTP and FM Aldentro, acting as a consortium of Polish companies. The Polish Pavilion will be the major arena of the Polish presentation at EXPO 2020 Dubai. The themes of the exposition recommended by the organizers - sustainable development and mobility -  are here approached in three areas: Technology, International cooperation and Nature. The slogan of the Polish Pavilion is: „Creativity inspired by nature”.
-The decision to entrust Grupa MTP – FM Aldentro Consortium with building the pavilion, a Polish showcase at EXPO 2020 Dubai, confirms the unique competencies of both companies and their leading position among organizers of major international events. Grupa MTP has already been three times involved in organizing the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Poland – said Tomasz Kobierski, Vice-President of the Board of Grupa MTP.
-FM Aldentro sp. z o.o. is a part of the capital group ATM Grupa S.A. Our team has executed, among others, the construction of exhibition pavilions of State Delegations during the COP24 Climate Conference in Katowice – added Filip Majchrowski, President of the Board of FM Aldentro.
-People in Dubai see the Polish Pavilion as an iconic building. Therefore the general constructor faces a tough challenge of executing this perfect project and creating a spectacular presentation of Poland that will be ready in October. We appreciate the joint competences of Grupa MTP - FM Aldentro Consortium and we are excited to start works more than a year before the opening day of EXPO. The construction of the pavilion is planned to commence this year – said Monika Dyląg-Sajór, coordinator of the EXPO 2020 Dubai project at the Polish Investment and Trade Agency. 
The contract for “Designing, construction, technical maintenance and deconstruction of the Polish Pavilion at EXPO 2020 Dubai, United Arab Emirates” covers three stages including preparation of the design documentation of the Polish Pavilion, gaining construction permits and Organizers permits, construction of the Polish Pavilion together with utility systems, interior and exposition finishing, current technical maintenance of the building and exposition and also deconstruction of the Pavilion after EXPO 2020 Dubai is over.
The Polish Pavilion – episodic tale of Polish nature, creativity and innovativeness.
The contest for the conceptional project of the Polish Pavilion and internal exposition at EXPO 2020 Dubai was won by the Warsaw architecture studio WXCA. The architectural design of the Pavilion clearly refers to mobility. It consists of an open, module and expanding with height structure, which encourages the visitors to rest in the shadow of the wide-stretching roof and to contemplate a kinetic sculpture of a flying flock of birds over their heads.
Richness of wild nature, diversity of landscapes and strategic location in the center of Europe make Poland the most crucial habitat of European migratory birds. The visitors are invited to join them in their journey and see the variety of Polish avifauna, which is a great occasion to follow the intriguing, episodic tale of Polish nature and international exchange, mobility, export of ideas and technological know how. Poland will be presented as a strong center of cooperation, which offers the world with sustainable, eco-friendly and nature-inspired technologies driven by scientific development.

About Grupa MTP– FM Aldentro Consortium

Grupa MTP is a leading exposition events organizer in Poland and Central and Eastern Europe. Apart from globally recognized business fairs, it organizes conventions, conferences, cultural and sport events including the mega ones, annually attracting more than a million guests from all over the world. Not only did Grupa MTP organize the UN conference, but it also i.a. coordinated organization of part of the central meetings during the Polish Presidency of the Council of the European Union and the first ever Polish National Assembly to be held outside of Warsaw.
FM Aldentro sp. z o.o. is a part of ATM Grupa S.A. capital group, the largest independent TV producer in Poland. With its outstanding technological resources and experienced staff it specializes in comprehensive organization of concerts, cultural and other events in Poland and abroad. It uses state-of-the-art technological and logistic solutions